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Graduation 2015

On Friday April 10, 2015, the traditional IEMI / CMH graduation was held at the Salons Hoche, Paris.

The ceremony was chaired by Alain Hermelin, CEO and Founder of IEMI / CMH and Jacques Séguéla, Vice President of Havas and International President of IEMI.

In 2015 IEMI / CMH has graduated numbers of MBA students, European Bachelor in International Hotel & Tourism Management and Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management.

The ceremony also served to honor professional partners and alumni IEMI / CMH, including Laurence Bloch (promotion 1988), Director of the Plaza Athenée Paris.

Our accreditation council, ASSP, also joined in the ceremony by awarding "outstanding leadership awards" to two MBA students for the brightest academic and professional experience!

Congratulations to all our graduates in 2015 !!