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Master in Innovative Tourism Management


The MASTER in INNOVATIVE TOURISM MANAGEMENT has been designed by IEMI and Alma Mater Europaea ECM to answer the needs of a challenging and rapidly growing tourism industry worldwide. 
After a close consultation with Tourism Professionals and industry and Governmental leaders, the program has been defined to enable students leadership position in the tourism industry.


The program is designed especially for students wanting to further their studies in the field of Prospective Tourism and aspiring to play a leadership role in a growing service industry.


Students holding a Bachelor degree in Business studies or related disciplines that contain a high number of business subjects. Proficiency in English (TOEFL – TOEIC score) and another foreign language. Native speakers of English are exempt from this requirement in proficiency.


• Class teaching and blended learning with Academic lectures, case studies, online courses, teamwork, field trips, guest speakers and/or related applied projects in an international environment.
• Language of teaching : English and another foreign language


• 2-year program
• 120 credits
• Part-time program


Core Courses
30 credits

Advanced Management & Marketing Management - 6 Credits

World Economic Geography & Global destinations - 6 Credits

Innovative trends in Tourism - 6 Credits

Financial Management for Tourism - 6 Credits

New Technologies and Social Media in Tourism - 6 Credits










Core Courses
24 credits

Legal aspects in Tourism - 4 Credits

Sustainable Development - 4 Credits

Event Management in Tourism - 4 Credits

Quantitative methods 1 - 4 Credits

Ethical issues in Tourism - 4 Credits

Applied project - 4 Credits

Elective Courses
6 credits

(2 to be selected)

Hotel & Restaurant Industry - 3 Credits

Cultural Tourism in EU and heritage management - 3 Credits

Health Recreation & Leisure Tourism - 3 Credits

Digital Marketing - 3 Credits


Fixed subjects
24 credits


Security Management - 5 Credits

CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility - 5 Credits

Cross Cultural Relations - 5 Credits

Entrepreneurial Spirit in Tourism - 5 Credits

Quantitative methods 2 - 4 Credits

Elective Courses
6 credits

(2 to be selected)

Decision making processes in Tourism - 3 Credits

Revenue Management - 3 Credits


30 credits


Methodology Workshops - 5 Credits

Final Master Thesis - 25 Credits