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2014 Graduation!

IEMI and CMH Paris celebrate their graduates in 2014

The graduation ceremony of IEMI-CMH Paris in 2014 took place on April 25th at salons Hoche. Students were awarded their Bachelor or MBA at a gala evening in the presence of distinguished guests.

Jacques Séguéla, the President of International IEMI, opened the ceremony with a very positive message encouraging the fresh graduates to ignore the gloom and always move forward. He recalled his secret of success: "Be optimistic, be innovative, be creative and be yourself."

The guest of honor at the ceremony was Doug Viehland, Executive Director of ACBSP (Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs). Alain Hermelin, Founder and Chairman of CMH Paris was proud of the opportunity to remind us that his two institutes IEMI and CMH Paris are members of ACBSP since 20 years ago and that Bachelor of Science and MBA programs are accredited by this internationally renowned institution.

The award for Excellence in the field of luxury was presented by Catherine Seiler, Editor in Chief Luxury Must Hospitality to Jean-Pol Piron, President Founder of Aquamass Design and President of Brussels Exclusive Labels. A multisectoral label based on the quality of luxury professions, which includes the most beautiful brands in Brussels, some of which have received the title of "Supplier of the Court."

Big names in the Hospitality and Tourism had also responded to the invitation of Alain Hermelin. Thus, Florence Bezault, Resident Manager at Le Bristol Paris, Patrick Pourbaix, Executive Vice President of Costa Cruises and President of Skal International Paris, Yannick Gavelle, Founder of the voluntary chain Hotels and Preference, Selim Fegaly Michel, Director of Residences INSEAD or Olivier Lapidus, who has successfully switched from fashion to hotel design, handed degree certificates to students.

A lively evening like the American graduation ceremony, which reflected the international and dynamic spirit of CMH Paris.