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Re-accreditation ECBE

  • The accreditation ceremony took place in Barcelona at the 17th Conference of the ECBE - May 26

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May 2012

"Excellence in Business Education"

"IEMI MBA"  re-accredited by ECBE – European Council for Business Education

This re-accreditation recognizes the quality of the academic and professional international program in hospitality management and tourism.

ECBE's accreditation relies mainly on a very serious audit of the program content, its evolution and its adaptation to a changing environment that meets the needs of the international hotel market.
It ensures the respect of the CMH values: openness, diversity, entrepreneurship, responsibility, common sense.

The benefits:

For the students:

The accreditation ensures a constantly evolving program to ensure total compliance with the requirements of the international hotel industry,
to certify that the courses are taught by qualified faculty, provides a European recognition of the degree awarded with the European standards - ECTS credits. <br>
The emphasis is placed on the amount of work done by the student and the assessment of skills acquired.
It also provides an access to an extensive network of partner universities and institutes in order to obtain a double-degree.

For hotels and businesses :

ECBE Accreditation ensures the quality of the degree awarded by CMH and to certify that the courses taken are appropriate to the needs of the international hotel industry.


ECBE certifies that the universities and international training centers meet the requirements of the EEES (espace européen de l’enseignement supérieur) - European space of higher education - following the agreement of Bologna.

The mission of the ECBE is to support and to assist academic institutions to improve the quality of education in business administration.