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Professional networking

To share, participate in video conferences, round tables and live events

Professional networking

The incubator is a real network for the IEMI students.

It gathers all participants of Entrepreneurship programs: young designers, teachers, experts and professional referees, coaches, and of course the alumni.

It is a place to share and to exchange.

It is also a place where you can stay informed of new developments in entrepreneurship, new trends in management, with an online library on entrepreneurial topics.

You have the opportunity to join your teachers, colleagues or anyone on the network, participate in forums or start a forum of your choice.

An address book in advance

Entrepreneurs, investors, experts, employees, and perhaps future customers are already in your address book!

The strength of a network

  • A network of over 1500 business partners
  • Decision makers in the areas of hospitality and luxury
  • Partnerships with companies, Vocational Training Centres and Universities companies in Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, China and Russia
  • Graduates, alumni of IEMI-CMH in top management positions in the 5 continents
  • Professors from top international universities
  • Internationally recognized experts
  • 750 partner universities around the world